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I am trying to think about the values listed and discussed in Alan Morinis’s book, Everyday Holiness.  Today, I am feeling what my tug between two of the values–Order and Equanimity.

the pull to order is strong
I want to feel in control,
to feel like I can order my world
to have a place to make, think, do
without the noise, the frustrations, the interruptions

but my reality is just that:
real, outside of true control
outside the solitary sense of what I think order ought to be

Instead, I share living space with loved ones
who do not share my sense of order
so instead of order, perhaps what I really need is equanimity
a sense of calm, a seeking of balance, a turning toward self-order

I can’t keep being pulled by outside forces
yet I can’t expect others to remake themselves
as I would like them to be

So I breathe, and hope that I will find a way
to stop tugging and begin skipping rope
toward a more balanced calm.